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Graduate Attributes: Introduces the recent class XII pass-outs with an inclusive model of undergraduate learning. The course provides a wide array of choices of Elective subjects from the Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages and Arts. Develops an understanding/comprehension of literature, nurtures student’s aesthetic sensibilities and instils in them an appreciation of art. Practical content of subjects results in better understanding. Provides the learners adequate preparation for taking up Honours in their III Semester and is designed to equip them with basic and conceptual clarity for advanced studies in their preferred elective subjects. Course Outcomes: · To educate newly inducted undergraduates with the necessary social, linguistic, cultural, historical and economical knowledge of the working of society. · To instruct and groom learners in the attributes of critical and analytical thinking and writing, ethics, team co- ordination, co-operation and empathy towards society in particular and humanity at large. · To build up the learners’ critical and analytical reading, writing and thinking abilities so that they are able to understand the advanced nuances of their choice of subjects. · To enable the learners to respond to pressing social, cultural and economic issues around them. · To sensitize the learners to the various options available to them at higher levels of learning, after studying their choice of Elective subjects.

Avenues: Masters degree in any of the elective or general courses, UGC, LLB, UPSC, SSC, Banking, Railways, PG diplomas in Dietetics, Computer applications, fashion designing, NTT, ETT, B.Ed, Economist, Historian, Archaeologist, Educationalist, Philosopher, Political scientist, Personnel manager, Social activist, Public Relation Executive, Psychologist, Sociologist, Philosopher, Journalist, etc. They can opt for self employment also.
  • Graduate Attributes: The course aims to build a strong foundation of knowledge in different areas of Commerce. It aims to enhance the learner’s ability of being ethical and collegial in professional practice and trains in effective decision making and problem solving through the application of appropriate theories, principles and data. Course Outcomes: · The course is an integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes to cultivate an environment of learning and creativity among the students. · Knowledge about the theories and concepts of Accounting, Taxation, Organisation Behaviour, Finance, Human Resource and Marketing Management to the learners. · Learners are familiarized with different aspects of entrepreneurship and also develop adequate soft-skills to react aptly in decision making situations.

    Masters degree like M.Com and MBA. Chartered Accountancy, Banking services, Insurance sector, Stock Exchange services, Tax Consultancy, Entrepreneurship, Law or Company Secretary. They may also appear for competitive exams conducted by UPSC, UGC etc.
  • Graduate Attributes: To make learners conversant with computer programming and developing software and web applications for computers Course Outcomes: · Imparts necessary technical skills in various areas of Information Technology like Data Base Management, Computer Languages, Web based applications, Software Development and Project Management. · Acquaintance with latest trends in technological development and thereby innovate new ideas and solutions to existing problems. · Conceptual grounding in computer usage as well as its practical business applications. · To demonstrate advanced skills in the effective analysis design and realization of business system utilizing contemporary information technology.

    Avenues:Graphics Designer, DBA, Software Developer, Programmer, Software Engineer, Technical Trainer, Project Manager (IT), System Analyst etc. Post-graduation in fields of Information Technology/Computer Science/Applications can also be done.
  • Graduate Attributes: Enhances learner’s ability to evaluate different business problems using analytical skills and inculcates an attitude for entrepreneurship. Learners develop better communication skills, an ability to understand importance of teamwork and proficiency in the use of basic tools of Information Technology.

    Course Outcomes:
  • · An understanding the principles and practices of management, leadership, teamwork, and social skills. · Analysis of socio-political- economic environment of business organizations and understand the laws and practices of taxation. · Elaborate elucidation of various branches of management viz Human Resource management and financial management. · Thorough exposition of organization behaviour, customer relationship management, E-banking and international business organization, business organizations, business communication and economics.

    Avenues: BBA graduates can pursue postgraduate studies like M Com, MBA, etc. or go for Chartered Accountancy, Banking services, Hotel Management, Insurance sector, Tax Consultancy and Entrepreneurship.
Beauty Aesthetics & Wellness
Hospital Administration and Management
Fashion Designing

Graduate Attributes:To promote an understanding of Fashion and Textile Design in relation to the needs of fashion, contractual furnishings, home textiles, and the business to business textile products. To provide hands-on experience using a set of complex technologies found in industry today to build prototypical solutions to solve current needs. To provide experience in responding to market opportunities with creative and innovative products that integrate a set of academic disciplines such as textile materials, design fundamentals.

Course Outcomes:
  • Developing innovative and creative fashion, home and contract products for diverse textile markets.
  • Students will be able to execute design projects utilizing industry design, development and production equipment.
  • Apply knowledge of design elements and principles, product, market and technology to critique of fashion, textile and textile product design work.
  • Acquaint students the relevant technical expertise to step into a professional world, in skills like drawing, draping, pattern making, sewing, haute couture along with training in production.
  • Development of the required technical skills in custom and commercial quality garment construction as well as pattern making both manually and using computer-based design.

Avenues:Pattern Cutter and Grader, Fashion Merchandiser, Quality Controller, Production Manager, Design Manager, Fashion Stylist, Retail Manager, Assistant Designer, Stylist, Entrepreneur, Fashion Co-ordinator, Accessory Designer, Designer, Pattern Maker, Fashion Choreographer

Brief description About Courses


Graduate Attributes: Introduction of the students to the significance, scope, growth and evolution of English Literature and Language. Acquaints learners to major trends, history of English literature, prevalent attitudes and the context reflected in classical texts. Knowledge of identification of literary devices used by writers.

Course Outcomes:
  • To acquire knowledge and understanding of English literature which helps students to develop new ideas, deepens their understanding of history, society and Culture.
  • To develop understanding/comprehension of literature nurtures student’s aesthetic sensibilities and instils in them an appreciation of art.
  • Understanding the mechanics of communicating in English effectively and get mastery for skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Helps to build vocabulary that improves self-expression thereby improving career opportunities and enhancing personal and professional growth.
  • Builds critical ability to appreciate literature from various levels/perspectives and astute analytical and linguistic skills.

Avenues: Opens up literature and language related avenues, such as Editing, Journalism, media & advertising, writing & publishing, public relations, content writing & blogging, creative writing, teaching, and academia, etc. and forms the basis for admission to Masters Courses in literature and Mass communication.