Management Committee

Management committee

Organisation and Management

The institution, right from its beginning, has been served by illustrious educationists and distinguished personalities. The vision and rich experience of these personalities have laid down the 'Policy frame-work and system for the institution'. The management is conscious of the importance of financial aspect which eventually has yielded funds for the development and growth of the institution. List of Managing Committee Members of S. S. Jain Girls School Committee (Regd.) Ludhiana

1). Sh. Sukhdev Raj Jain Chairman
2). Sh. Nand Kumar Jain President
3). Sh. Vipin Kumar Jain Sr. Vice President
4). Sh. Banke Bihari Lal Jain Vice President
5). Sh. Shanti Saroop Jain Vice President
6). Sh. Rajeev Jain General Secretary
7). Sh. Rakesh Kumar Jain Secretary
8). Sh. Raj Kumar Gupta S/o Sh. Shiv Desh Bandhu Gupta Manager, D.D. Jain Memorial College for Women
9). Sh. Satinder Kumar Jain Manager, Atam Devki Niketan
10). Sh. Yogeshwar Jain Manager, D. D. Jain College of Education
11). Sh. Naresh Kumar Jain Manager, Jain Public Sr. Sec. School
12). Sh. Arvind Kumar Jain Manager, Jain Girls Sr. Sec. School
13). Sh. Ashok Kumar Jain Cashier
14). Sh. Varun Jain Member of (Educationalist) Advisor
15). Sh. Amar Chand Jain Member
16). Giovanni Rovelli Member
17). Sh. Prem Kumar Jain Member
18). Sh. Subhash Kumar Jain Member
19). Sh. Satish Kumar Jain Member
20). Sh. Rakesh Kumar Jain S/o Sh. Mahinder Kumar Jain Member
21). Sh. Anand Jain S/o Sh. Prem Kumar Jain Member