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We have a sprawling Campus extending over a vast area with adequate playgrounds and lawns. The college building is located in a peaceful environment. The friendly and enriching ambiance incorporates administrative block,canteen block, spacious class rooms and labs.The college has a well stocked Library, well equipped Home Science Labs. Fine Arts Studios, Music Rooms and a full fledged Computer Section. We are proud to have well equipped laboratories of Cosmetology, Interior Decoration and Event Management.


There are adequate arrangements for various amenities, including a canteen, eating shop, S.T.D./Photostat. The college is well-equipped to meet medical emergencies for both students and staff.

   Health Centre

In order to care the students physically and mentally and to make them academically successful, the college provides for the health centre. This health centre is centrally located and is equipped with basic necessities of girls’ students. This Health Centre is equipped with First Aid Boxes, a comfortable bed and a medical kit which is kept ready and up to date.

   Clean, Purified Drinking Water

The college provides for the clean, purified drinking water in every block. The entire campus of Devki Devi Jain Memorial College provides for clean, purified, drinking water coolers with Reverse Osmosis water purifying plants each placed with in the easy access of the students. These are capable of giving an output of more than 1000 litters of water every hour for the students and staff members.

   A Hygienic Cafeteria

Inside the sprawling campus of Devki Devi Jain Memorial College, Ludhiana, there is a hygienic cafeteria that functions well to serve the students and staff members. The administration of the cafeteria is given to the experienced and committed contractors. Regular, inspection is done and feedback is taken from the students and staff by the committee constituted for the purpose regarding the quality of food and hygiene with in the kitchen and cafeteria. The students and the staff can have the refreshment items at the reasonable rates.

   Well Lighted and Airy Class Rooms

All the class rooms are well lighted, airy and well furnished. All the fans, tubes tables, chairs, chalk boards are maintained regularly.

   Uninterrupted Power Supply

The entire premises supplies the uninterrupted 24 x 7 power with back up facility to the entire campus.

   Common Room for Students

The college premises provides for a spacious well-furnished common room where students can sit in free lectures or utilize their time constructively.

   Bus Facility

For the easy and safe mobility of the students from the far away locations of the city, the college provides for the bus facility at the reasonable fee charges. The bus facility has a fix schedule drops the students at 8.45 am and picks them at 3 pm from the college.

   Parking Facility

The college premises has a vast parking lot for the students and staff and college buses.

   Herbal Lawns

The college maintains the divine herbal lawns in which different varieties of herbs are grown and maintained.

   Lawns for Sitting

The academic aura of the college is enhanced by its lush green lawns with well-maintained grass and flowers and beautifully carved hedges serving as a feast for the eyes and refreshing for the body and mind. These lawns are equipped with benches so that students and staff can sit amidst the greenery and enrich themselves with calm atmosphere.

   Visitors’ Lounge

The college premises has a well-furnished lounge where the visitors can sit and wait comfortably.

   Meditation Centre

In this hustle and bustle of life and pulls and pressure of the daily routine, the students and the staff can get peace of mind, relaxation by meditating in the meditation centre after which they are back to the activity with the renewed physical strength and mental composure.


Healthy mind lives in a healthy body. There is a gymnasium with all the modern equipment's to keep the students and teachers physically fit.

   Seminar Hall

Fully air conditioned equipped with the latest multimedia, projectors with seating capacity of 150 Students is available where many faculty development programmes, personality development seminars, guest lectures, placement training programmes are held.

   Atam Hall

Well-furnished airy Atam Hall facilitates the conducting of seminars, competitions and meetings.

   Open Stage

The college provides for conducting the morning assembly and many functions.

   Smart Class Rooms and Laboratories

The premises has 12 laboratories.The Computer Science Department has 6 laboratories which aim at the development intellectually alert, technically progressive, globally competent and dynamic computer professionals. The labs are well designed with white boards and projectors. The lights,sound,air circulation make the labs physically comfortable to support the teaching learning.

   Computerized Library

‘THE WORLD IS QUIET HERE’ the library of Devki Devi Jain Memorial College for women, Ludhiana identifies itself fully with these words as it opens the numerous windows for the readers to the world. It has total number of books 29000, it has subscribed to 6247 journals. Apart from reading books and enhancing their knowledge, through the Networking Resource centre the students and staff can navigate through the sea of knowledge and information. The students ,staff members have an easy access to the e –resources as they have been provided with password of two e-resources packages inflibnet centre, Gujrat and delnet ( developing library network) for e journals and e books. To provide a peaceful and comfortable reading experience separate reading rooms for both the staff and students. Open shelf system has also been provided so that students can browse through the books freely and randomly. Photostat machine has been installed in the library so that the students and staff can get the photocopy of any material from the library.


To deal with different domains and issues efficiently and for proper coordination and administration different committees have been constituted. Several committees have been constituted for addressing the grievances of the students.